Meredith Westwood Management Ltd were established in early 2011 with a small  selection of talented and characterful actors.  These actors are well-trained and exciting performers with a lot to offer the industry. Importantly, each actor and actress, although very versatile in their acting ability, have a personality of their own which make them sparkle. Since then, we have picked up a good few more performers with similar qualities and are now proud to offer a compliment of just over 30 actors and actresses who are all both talented and interesting!

If you have a casting to fill, simply call or email us here and we will suggest actors to you based on your breakdown. We'll also try and tell you a bit about each actor (a snapshot, not a novel) to help you decide if you would like to meet them in person.   We've taken the time to get to know our clients and their work so why not let us tell you a bit more about them.